S. T. A. R. Interview Technique


What is STAR?

This is our cut the crap, get to the point guide!!

STAR is a simple way to answer interview questions in a structured way.

It’s so easy to lose your thoughts in an interview or ramble on and forget what the question was.

There is a simple solution to help you, the STAR method. It’s old, it’s tried and tested and we recommend this to our candidates!

STAR enables you to provide succinct answers to your interviewer’s questions and hopefully stop the conversation veering off and becoming a never-ending story. 

Use each finger for STAR and as you answer the questions you can either picture or use each digit as a route map.  This way you will provide lots of relevant information for your interviewer giving actual real-life evidence and examples of your experience and stay on track.

S.  T.  A.  R.

Situation: Describe the event or situation that occurred.

Explain the task you needed to complete.

Explain what actions you took to complete the task.

Close with the result of your efforts

The STAR interview technique is a simple, brilliant tool to have up your sleeve for interviews.

Another tip – Make sure you are clear and concise. Stick to the headlines. Ensure when presenting your results you quote, facts and figures / stats that demonstrate the impact your situation

New to STAR? Don’t worry! Practise makes perfect so make sure to rehearse, prepare and get comfortable with it prior to your interview. Why not even ask friend/partner to help you practice!

Download our formatted STAR sheet to scope out your interview Here.


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