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Your Contact Details

(No one needs your NI number, or a photo of you, or your marital status etc… Keep it short and concise – location is important because of the way CV’s are searched online. Provide a town, city or ideally postcode).



Mobile Number

Email Address



(This is your opportunity to showcase what you have achieved using your experience and skills.)

(Remember you are evidencing your suitability for the job – no waffle just facts!)


(Aim for between 3 and 10 lines)


Key Skills or Achievements or Packages:

(Here you should highlight your suitability for the job using your relevant achievements, skills or packages. Use bullet points and get straight to the point…)

  • Facts!
  • Facts!
  • Facts!
  • Facts!
  • Facts!
  • Facts!

NB: (Attach portfolio or website link)

Career History

Company Name

What Company business is

Turnover of business

Job Title

Dates of employment


2/3 lines of introduction about your role

(Who you report into their Job Title responsibilities and achievements include) : –


(Explain who your employers are this gives a recruiter/employer a good feel for the type of experience and exposure that you have within an organisation, is more relevant than you think, knowing what you do in a certain sized business says a lot about the job role)

(Follow this up with the most relevant bullet points about the job including how/ what you achieved. Prioritise these points for the job you are applying for – max of 10 bullet points)

  • Use metrics
  • Identify key aspects of the job
  • These are achievements in the job role that will stand out to employers
  • Prioritise your bullet points according to the job that you are applying for
  • Any achievements
  • Etc
  • Etc
  • Etc

Try this format up to the 10-year point!

(How many years’ experience to include?)

Ultimately your experience beyond 10 years is interesting and should be included but maybe not in so much detail at this point

Company Name

Job Title

Dates of employment

(Maybe one line of information)


Education, Professional Qualifications and Training

Professional Qualifications and Training:



(State your final level of education)

University, Degree and Class

A Levels (subjects and grades)

GCSE’s (subjects and grades)


Hobbies and Interests

Team player? Evidence it here.

Enjoy charity and raising money for good causes? Evidence it here.

Quite often hobbies and interests will create a commonality between yourself and your prospective employer and is a good talking point as an icebreaker!





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