My journey in recruitment started with me working as an administrator, formatting CVs and booking candidate interviews with consultants. I very quickly became obsessed by the shoes & handbags worn by the highest billing consultants strutting their stuff through the office, I was both scared and excited at just how fast-paced high street recruitment was back in the 90s.

I was lucky enough to witness first-hand that hard work really did pay off. Recruitment was a highly pressurised, professional environment by day and a “let your hair down, dance the night away” environment by night. After the first few months, I absolutely knew this is what I wanted to do, I wanted to be a high heel wearing, designer handbag owning, billing consultant. So, I worked hard and played hard, loving every minute of it.

As my career developed, I recruited across many specialisms including Secretarial & Administration, Finance & Accountancy, Sales & Marketing and loved it all. You just can’t beat the feeling of adrenaline that pumps through you. Whether it’s because you have just got a job on from a client you have wanted to work with for ages, or are running a temps desk and have 5 bookings to fill in 2 hours, or when you get the “fizzy” feeling in your tummy from having had a conversation with the candidate that you feel “is going to get the job”. Recruitment has highs and lows like no other industry, and I believe it’s all because its people led.

I realised the key to long term recruitment success comes from being a people person and is built on relationships, integrity and tenacity. Candidates and Clients alike want to be heard, valued, and to be represented in the best possible way.  This brings me nicely to where I am today, I am lucky enough to be surrounded by like-minded people that hold the same values and have a healthy desire for success.  Do you know what? The days of the 90’s were great but recruitment has evolved hugely and we have all become different people, me included. I am now a very proud mum of two and at the end of the day we work to live not the other way around.

I have worked with Jo Faria for around 15 years now, in 4 recruitment businesses. We have shared many life experiences over this time that have bonded us together, both in recruitment and in our personal lives. I have been out on maternity leave over the last few years due to having had 2 children very close together, and we have stayed in constant contact during that time. I have now returned to work just 5 hours a week and have thoroughly enjoyed the gentle reintroduction to the incredible environment of recruitment and it is fantastic to be back.

I met Andy Farr whilst I was working with Jo Faria about 13 years ago, as he regularly tells us he has not been able to “get rid” of us since. Andy and Jo together have a recruitment business like no other, as it really puts people at the centre. Andy is a natural motivator and has a knack of instilling confidence in everyone to do their very best. We have a work family, who all work extremely hard to deliver the very best results for our candidates and clients but most importantly each other. We are all in it together. I am extremely happy to be part of something that’s genuine, offers fantastic growth opportunities without forgetting about the importance of the right work life balance. I for one am extremely excited about what the future will hold for us all.

As the years have passed and my personal circumstances have changed, I’ve become much more aware of my personal measure of success and believe I have a solid understanding of the things that really matter to me. Don’t get me wrong I still have an admiration for shoes and handbags but find myself really treasuring the smaller more precious things in life, watching my children play together in the sunshine, sharing a glass of wine with my Mum and Sister, laughing till I cry on a night out with my friends, writing my “Hinch” list on a Sunday night and last but by no means least curling up on the sofa eating rubbish whilst watching a boxset with my husband. I love the simple things in life and can’t wait to see what is in store for me in the future.