marketing trends 2018Fasten your seatbelts… 2018 is going to be a year of change and rising demands on marketers which will impact on how they do their jobs. It’s no surprise digital innovations will be central to this.  So, what’s in store? Jo Faria, operations director at The Marketing Recruitment Group, gives her views on a handful of challenges and trends coming down the tracks this year.

Tech and data:  Emerging technologies and connectivity continue to force change, and marketers are at the forefront of delivering the benefits. How businesses talk to their customers will have to be more focused, creative and personal than ever before so they can be heard above all the noise in very crowded and fiercely competitive marketplaces. Marketers need to embrace innovations and create strategies that convert into commercial success as expectations for returns on investments (ROI) continue to rise.

The rise of the specialist:  2018 will be a buoyant year for marketing recruitment. Those with specialist skills to deliver multi-channel marketing solutions will be in demand. The challenge for organisations is how to attract and retain this talent whether it’s creative remuneration packages or offering an attractive working culture and environment to flourish.

Professional development: Marketing is a fast-paced discipline which shows no signs of abating in 2018. As businesses demand more from marketers, professional development will become more of a priority to ensure they are fully skilled to deliver on these demands.

GDPR:  Personal data is a key business driver and a crucial component in marketing strategies.  But in May this year, General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect.  Businesses need to be aware of how they manage customer data and the issues of compliance; otherwise they face financial penalties, not to mention brand reputation issues.

Employee wellbeing: There have been huge, positive strides in raising awareness and improving the wellbeing of workers in recent years.  Creating a safe and caring workplace for those having to deal with challenges such as mental health issues will continue to be a focus in 2018.  It isn’t just the domain of large, well-resourced organisations. Employee wellbeing and a duty of care is important for every business regardless of size. The Glassdoor awards highlight how looking after employees can pay huge dividends in terms of motivation and productivity.

The economy:  Businesses are not only having to juggle the challenges of creating commercially successful strategies, they are having to navigate their way through the shifting economic landscape. Brexit and other challenges, such as the threat of interest rate rises, will impact on confidence, marketing budgets, business borrowing and consumer spending.

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