Recently I accepted a challenge to receive a topic daily to create content – and today’s challenge was to write about yourself…….#getsavvyclub thank you for the inspiration!

I have worked in recruitment for just over 30 years and in that time I have worked in both large corporate and owner-managed recruitment businesses.  For 20 of these years, I have worked with our current MD Andy Farr. Together we have worked in both the corporate and SME markets and have successfully grown/restructured several recruitment businesses during that time.

I first ventured into recruitment from an HR role after I had met some consultants for the then Alfred Marks Bureau. In truth I was a client of theirs and, in short, they were a lot more fun than where I was working so I jumped ship and joined the world of recruitment.

A baptism of fire, oh my word I had joined the world of recruitment as a Temps Consultant on a commercial desk in a new start-up office in Coventry. Very quickly I had to pick up the phone and talk to companies about my candidates, we didn’t have a fax machine at that stage so we really had to get interviews over the phone and added to the pressure was the fact that the candidate was sitting in front of you whilst you tried to get them out to work…….OMG pressure – but I absolutely loved it.  In fact, I loved everything about recruitment, the candidates, the clients, working with recruiters who were incredibly inspirational and the management team were great fun – totally different from my professional services background….

Over a 30-year tenure, you meet and work with many people some support you and some challenge you on a daily basis! At the end of the day, we are salespeople. However, I have always looked for key qualities in the consultants and managers that have worked with me that will set them apart from other recruiters, loyalty, honesty, consistency, tenacity and determination.

I have worked with the NHS, Railtrack, HFC Bank, Professional Services in fact far too many to mention – my passion though is the SME market which offers a huge opportunity to candidates to have a full 360 role in most instances and the chance to be a big cog in a small wheel. I have had experience recruiting teachers, water meter readers, prison wardens, marketing directors, accountants, yes it really has been that diverse the list is literally endless and whilst doing all of this I also have had two children who I have always made sure that I am at there for – always attended open days and festival days mother’s day assemblies – and for all the parents that have worked with me over the years this is an absolutely vital part of their lives that I make sure they never miss – after all its family that’s the most important thing at the end of the day.

I have built new recruitment businesses in Birmingham from grassroots to in excess of £1m with multiple contracts and large commercial desks… throughout this time it has been stressful, immensely challenging and above all hugely rewarding. On my journey I have met some incredibly talented people – my latest venture I am working with some of my fave’s some of the most creative and determined people I have worked with for a long time, together we have built a business which started out as 2 people and an empty database just 3.5 years ago and now we are 13 strong and looking to add to the team again – I think if I had to use three words to describe myself it would be… Consistent, Resilient, Tenacious. I think our MD would have a few other words to describe me haha… but that’s the great relationship we have and what we have with the team too…

So in short – if you are thinking of recruiting a new team member, why not give me a call – I have some incredible consultants within this business who are specialists in their fields and all have the same work ethic and values that I do … We don’t work on KPIs here – but on good quality service to clients and candidates – so you will not be inundated with cv’s but a few very well-chosen candidates who may just well be that shining star you are looking for…