Who am I?

Where do I begin. In 1998 I started in my first ever professional services job with the Careers Service, mainly dealing with firms that wanted teenagers to experience working life and ‘hopefully’ give them an idea of what they wanted to go on and do in later life. This led to me start thinking what I wanted out of my career. I decided it should be a role that would allow me to study in Business but also help me climb my way up the career ladder. I believed this would also be a great asset to Delphi who gave me the opportunity to start on this career path.

5 years on, my HND in Finance and HR under my belt and 3 promotions I found myself dealing with every area of the business from Sales, Accounts, Purchasing, Marketing, Warehouse and what I used to the call the ‘pricing, people who do the floppy disc list’… showing my age!  What an amazing bunch of people to learn and grow with.

Unfortunately, in 2004 redundancy was looming, so one of my friends recommended going to see a recruitment agency and see what types of roles were out there for me if the worst should happen.

Brook Street Bureau was on my list. I registered with them they talked to me about a role in recruitment and that was it, they offered me a consultant’s role. I had no idea what they really did, but hearing them on the phones, offering jobs and arranging interviews it all seemed rather exciting! Boy I made the right decision. I took to recruitment like a duck to water. All the commercial experience at Delphi allowed me to understand the business services roles I was recruiting for. Having worked for both SME and large corporates I also understood the differences and challenges both faced. I was firm but fair, and candidates and client were receptive to advice, some are still clients today.

After a few years working in high street recruitment I decided to have a change of scenery and went to work for Dazzle who supplied high calibre hospitality events staff both in the UK and internationally. I ran teams ranging from 2 to 100 staff. It was completely different, faster paced, I loved it.

In 2009 after a few personal changes, I moved back into Business Services recruitment in Birmingham. This time I worked for an independent agency that predominately worked with SME’s where relationships with clients were vitally important. I found small business owners would listen and engage over the advice I gave about market trends, salaries and what they could do to attract talent against the big key players. This was a market I was comfortable and fell in love with. I could advise both candidates and clients on what was right.

In 2013 things changed for me hugely. My daughter Olivia was born and after a maternity break of 7 months I found out I was expecting again and was having my son Louis. So, within 15 months I had 2 children! I have mentioned in my previous blog “Flexitime in Recruitment” about my decision in 2016 where I reflected on the recent changes in my life. I was losing quality time with my babies. It took a while for me to realise what to do.  I loved recruitment and wanted my career to grow and felt that if I could find a recruiter that understood the complex life I have outside of work then….…..

So, in 2019 I joined TMR Group and haven’t looked back  My eldest is 6, going on 21! She is a feisty red head and has an answer for everything. I am so proud of the little lady she is becoming. My son is 5 and is currently going through his diagnosis for autism. A lot of mums and dads who have children with Autism can understand, especially with my son being non-verbal, the challenges we face each day with the slightest change of routine, foods and just about everything having place and order.

We as a family had to make some difficult changes and my partner gave up work to look after the troublesome twosome which enabled me concentrate on my career. Not known to many I also assist with the care of my father in law who lives with us after he had a stroke and heart failure. Life can be challenging but I love going to work, its like one big family at TMRG and having another amazing family when I get home. And me… always smiling! My moto in life there is always someone worse off than me, I appreciate each day and what I have got.