I joined the crazy world of recruitment 7 years ago, not really knowing much about recruitment or what it entailed…I kind of just fell into it!

At the time, I was interviewing with an internal recruitment agency for an admin role within an Automotive & Aerospace company. The consultant asked me if I had ever considered recruitment before…definitely not!

“We are also recruiting for our team here and I really think your personality would fit into recruitment well. Have a think about it!”

At the time, all I cared about was being in a job that paid for my lifestyle and could offer me a career long term. I had two horses at the time, I competed regularly and needed a job to fund that. The recruitment role paid more than the admin role I was interviewing for…so it didn’t take long for me to think about it, I wanted to do recruitment! (This thought process was a huge learning curve, let me tell you!)

So off we trot into recruitment where I started as a resourcer/recruitment admin within the temp world! It was fast paced, challenging and I really got my teeth into it quickly! I soon progressed into an Account Consultant within the business and was managing a temporary workforce of over 300 people at one time. I was on-call 24/7, I’d have site managers calling me at 4am telling me they need 10 more people for the 6am shift….I had candidates just not turn up to work, lie to me, hurl abuse at me if the work died down…it was stressful but it taught me resilience, patience and also how to spin multiple plates at once! I really loved my role here, but I wanted a new challenge, I wanted to experience 360 recruitment, I wanted to experience permanent recruitment, so off I went to a new venture…

Day one running a perms desk was yet another shock to the system…I had to slow down! I was used to receiving requests 3-4 times a day asking for 20 candidates for the next shift within an hours’ notice. Now I have 1 – 2 permanent jobs per week that I have to fill with just one person? It was alien to me! I used the extra time to my advantage. I talked and I talked, and I talked to candidates and clients to learn this new market and boost my knowledge. I had moved from the Automotive, Aerospace & Engineering world, into recruiting for Sales & Marketing specialists…completely different!  It required a different approach, which is then when I realised how adaptable you had to be in recruitment. I had always recruited for one client, yes in mass volume, but now I am having to learn new industries every time I speak to a client…one minute I could be recruiting for a Sales Director within a company that manufacture fasteners, the next I could be recruiting for a Marketing Manager within a Creative Agency.

My first 360 role had its ups and downs, but I loved every minute and felt like I had found the direction I wanted to steer my career in. After 9 months as a 360 Recruitment Consultant, I was then promoted to a Senior Consultant and decided to take more of a focus on purely recruiting for sales professionals as that was now my niche.

Since then, I have recruited within the world of events, which gave me a whole new layer to my experience and I am now back doing what I do best, recruiting for sales specialists!

I joined TMR Group in January 2019, and what an experience it has been! I have been given the opportunity to manage a team, study a Level 5 in Leadership & Management and have been able to focus on sectors I am most passionate within. My ideas are always heard, we all share the same values and I wake up every day looking forward to coming to work!

Recruitment is like a rollercoaster, quite literally! One minute you are at the top of the rollercoaster, the next you can come crashing down when things do not go in your favour, and before you can even blink, you are back up to the top of the rollercoaster again!

The different layers to my experience have made me the consultant I am today. I am honest, thorough in everything I do and provide a genuinely consultative service to my clients because I always strive for excellence, I want to be the best I can be!

Outside of work, I live a very country lifestyle! I have an ex-racehorse who I am retraining this year, I have the bounciest little Jack Russell who follows me round like my shadow and I am also part of the National Federation of Young Farmers Club.