The horse loving, dog crazy, keep fit co-founder of The Marketing Recruitment Group, Nofa is at her happiest at work when she’s working full throttle on behalf of businesses and candidates.  Our very own Miss Chatty, she talks us through her working day.

5.30: Alarm goes time to get cracking with Joe Wicks – 20-minute HIIT session – I’m sharing his agony but pushing on through to “feel the burn”!!!!

6am:  Glad that’s over. Now shower and breakfast.

7am:  Off to the stables to see to the needs of my horse –  he’s a bit of a prima donna and very affectionate. Tell him I’ll be back to see him later but for now it’s just a quick flick over with a brush – feed him – hmm decide which coat he needs to wear out of his very considerable wardrobe – what’s the weather going to do??  All dressed and ready to go – must also remember to refill his water in the field.  Now it’s a quick change into office wear in the car!

8am: On route to the office now. Ten minutes later and I am at office… two texts and one missed call – a flurry of emails……

8.30 ish: Office team catch up …… have a laugh too. A quick chat about what was on tv last night and what we did last night chance to talk about candidates and clients see where we are at in relation to targets and team objectives. Ok… need to source candidates for my 3 jobs that are new on – check advert response – prioritise who I need to speak with and get moving.  Cutting down on the caffeine so herbal tea and water in hand off I go!

9.30: Oh no disaster looming… candidate due to go for an interview this afternoon is ill. Ok time to think of plan B – rearrange the interview for the candidate and ensure they don’t miss out on the opportunity, also see if I can utilise the clients time with a telephone interview with another candidate I sent them this morning.

11.00:  Ok so far so good…– been speaking to lots of candidates this morning.  Had some good phone calls and have some great ideas to write for profiles.   Time to get creative as we work across wide section of businesses and roles…. Also, several candidates for my new jobs too – send CVs to our administrator for formatting.

11.15:  Candidate meeting – this person is relocating from London to the Birmingham area. Love it when people want to move here. It just shows that Birmingham is the place to be!

12.25pm: What a full-on morning. That’s why I love this business, it’s new and we work hard to build our brand and I love the fact it’s so busy. It’s very fluid, fast changing and you have the flexibility to make your mark. But now I’m starving so time for lunch and to get super envious over everyone else’s lunches in the office (I suffer from food envy!)…Need some fresh air so go for a quick wander down the high street. Have to pop in to charity book shop. They have loads of horse books which I can’t resist – ok…head cleared now back to the office.

1.00pm: Right now, it’s time to spec out those fab candidates I have just spoken to (spec’ing out is when I talk to clients about the candidates I’m currently working with on a speculative basis so I can open opportunities up for them). I might also build a profile for the candidates and send it out to a select amount of clients who I know will be interested in their skills, this is done anonymously for the candidates.

2pm:  Two clients have called back already about one of the profiles and requested the candidate’s CV! Fantastic, I know the candidate is going to love this company! Love this part of the job, being inventive and finding something different for them!

It’s my turn to make the brew. As usual there’s a thousand different requests, no one drinks the same drink in our office…white tea with raspberry, coffee with sweetener, tea with skimmed, black coffee, tea with a sugar and I’ve forgotten what I wanted!

3.15pm:  Off to a client meeting, will also be meeting up with a candidate who I’ve just placed. Can’t wait to hear all about how he’s getting on. It’s in a marketing agency and I got him the role through a speculative call. So happy to hear he’s happy!!!! Right, now got a feel for the company after getting to see their offices (this one has a dog, wish I could bring Max in, unfortunately last time I did it didn’t go well – far too excited !)  what’s the culture like, etc… makes it easier to find the right person!

5pm:  Back in office, pop an advert for the business I’ve just visited with all the added things I’ve learnt about them. Love it when I can bring the adverts to life.

5.30pm:  Day has ended, so much more to do so pack up the laptop, so I can make some final calls from home.

5:45 pm:  Off to see the Prima Donna horse, wonder if his day has been as busy as mine.

7.30 pm:  Two candidate calls and that’s it – switch off – time to enjoy my Gousto food delivery!


Day in the Life of… Nofa

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