STAR in the Interview

Outfit all sorted for the interview – route all planned and already had a test run on how long it’s going to take …….thought about some small talk for reception and also when you first meet your interviewer (who you have of course checked out on LinkedIn) feeling a bit nervous and wondering what sorts of questions you will be asked.

You think back to other interviews (if you’ve had them) and remember rambling on or losing your thread when you were asked a question?  All sounds familiar and to be honest it’s something we have all gone through and why we like to prep all our candidates prior to the interview by advising how to use the STAR technique.

The STAR interview technique is a brilliant tool to have up your sleeve for exactly these occasions!

STAR will enable you to provide succinct answers to your interviewer’s questions and hopefully stop the conversation veering off down a never-ending route.  One tip I always give a candidate is to use each finger for STAR and as you answer the questions you can either picture or use each digit as a route map.  You will provide lots of relevant information for your interviewer providing actual real-life examples of your experience which the interviewer will be able to imagine you applying for their business

So, what is STAR?

Situation: Describe the event or situation that you were in.
Task: Explain the task you were required to complete.
Action: Describe the specific actions you took to complete the task.
Result: Close with the result of your efforts

When moving through these stages make sure you are clear and concise, sticking to the headline details that the interviewer wants to hear and making sure that when presenting your results you use as many facts and figures/stats that you can to show the impact your Situation had on your Results as a consequence of your Task and Action.

New to STAR? Don’t worry! It is so simple when you start to use it…practice makes perfect so make sure to rehearse, prepare and get comfortable with it ahead of your interview. You could even rope in a friend/partner to help you practise!

Before you know it, you will have delivered a clear and concise example with no rambling, no sudden panic and an impressed interviewer!

Interview preparation is key to be the best version of you in an interview, your recruiter should support you every step of the way with this and any questions you have – just ask away – you can never be too prepared!

Now you are all ready to get to that interview and bag yourself the job – go get it!