If you are an SME, it can be a very stressful period with pressure on your most limited resource, time.

TMR Group have a team of recruiters who are hugely experienced and specialists in what they do. We particularly have experience of working with SME businesses when they have been appointing new staff to their companies.


We are able to question the reasons for the role to help us and you, understand the objectives that you are looking to achieve from this hire, which is critical for any SME.

If your business is not growing, you will be stressed. However, it is NOT as stressful as when your business is growing quickly, and you feel like you are losing control. When this happens decisions will need to be made quickly, often the same day, as challenges present themselves.


All the different elements of your business can seem to be constantly changing and evolving, from marketing and sales, to finance and HR – never mind formulating the strategy too!!! It’s hard to keep all the plates spinning and make the right decisions for your business.


We work with a huge number of SME businesses who are suffering from the challenges mentioned above. They need help, advice, and support especially when recruiting the best talent. We provide this support with guidance on salaries, the best candidates for the role and ultimately ensure you are not over, or under, recruiting into the role. You are looking for a return on in investment and as a SME ourselves we get that!!

When we hire for ourselves they have to work out – the time for training and development is quite often on the job and if you are looking to scale a business you have to be good at recruitment…….


We are looking to hire into our business over the next few months and got talking about some of the mistakes that we have made over the years

1.      Hiring too quickly – Under pressure to fill a need!

We have been guilty of this and, as a result, had problems with staff not really understanding what we are about, not sharing the same values and work ethic that we adopt day in and day out ….

Others have had problems around illness which we were not aware of and after a very short period were not able to continue in the role!

Both experiences were very disappointing and took too much time out of our already hectic schedule. However, we have now settled into a more structured way of recruiting new team members whilst still retaining the ability to make quick decisions where appropriate

As your business grows you will sometimes need to recruit quickly to keep customers happy and the orders coming in – the last thing you need is to fail on service and delivery because you are short on staff…..

Be warned though, the “quick hires” can cost you in time 4-6 months (or longer) of wasted effort and cold hard cash.

When your business is growing, you have much less time to think about your marketing and business strategy.

This is where a niche boutique recruitment consultancy can offer advice and support in the absence of having an onsite person responsible for recruitment. Indeed, we have worked with many smaller businesses identifying and creating job specs for the role that these SME’s are looking to fill.  Let’s face it recruitment is time consuming and there are so many other issues to deal with all the time in your business.

Sometimes the lines can be blurred in the actual candidate that you are looking for. We have been asked for a marketing and salesperson all in one – trust me they do not exist. We are experienced and able to advise on a broad cross section of candidates from our knowledge of the market to help you make the right hire.

2.Interviewing candidates thoroughly – ask for references!

This is about finding the right match and finding that person with the X factor that you need.

Testing candidates – we occasionally have clients that personality profile or maybe test on commercial acumen.

Types of interview, competency based – very old fashioned these days – the interview itself has evolved over recent years and there are so many other factors that you can consider alongside the interview: –

Social Media presence

Quantifiable metrics


External learning and development

Presentation on a chosen topic

Most importantly though is, will this person fit into my organisation/culture – we always recruit for attitude and train for skill.

Again using a specialist recruiter to support you in the process is going to save you the months and wasted cash – a good recruiter at this point will advise you on candidates cultural fit, successes, projects, metrics indeed anything that the candidate will be able to bring to your business to add real value.

Imagine a pain free process-

A recruiter who will write you a job spec,

Create a short list of candidates for you that have already been interviewed

Candidates to interview that are aspiring to achieve objectives that align with your company’s strategy

All this and only 2 or 3 interviews to make that selection –

Minimum time maximum impact.

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