If you have been furloughed, and still are, and have had very little contact from your employer it can play havoc with your stress and anxiety levels – the not knowing…

We are now back in the office working away (although a small number of the team are still on furlough) but whilst we were on furlough the team kept in regular contact via Zoom catchups making sure everyone felt part of something. We felt it was very important especially for those who were unfortunately on their own and unable to see family/friends etc just to see a recognisable face and have a chat about something or nothing. What has surprised us since returning to work and speaking with candidates who are in the furlough situation how many of them have had no contact with their employer since lockdown!

Please do not believe that you are alone whilst management teams have been communicating on a fairly regular basis. If you are not included in this group it is easy to feel almost abandoned. Our recommendation to avoid this is to create some Zoom or team meetings to catch up with your colleagues, even a Whatsapp group to pick up those conversations and not feel so alone! Ideally, you should do this once or twice a week – have a quiz, share any news or gossip that you come across. Join in on webinars that you may find of interest too, personal or professional!

Many recruiters have worked through the lockdown so pick up the phone and chat to them if you feel that your role may be in jeopardy or if your employer has put you under consultation. The most important thing is not to stop communicating with your work colleagues and team – everyone is feeling the same and we speak from the knowledge gained from talking with many people on a regular basis.

If you lead a team and haven’t organised catch-ups – communicate with your people. The more your employees are kept up to speed, the stronger they will be when they return from furlough. This will help your businesses recover faster.