When I decided to choose this topic, I thought I would see what gems Google had to offer me on this and one that came up said: “align your mind, body and soul”………. Ahem. Whilst that wasn’t quite what I had in mind, I suppose it serves well to prove that a mindset is made up of a number of factors rather than just telling yourself to remain positive through every knockback and keep cracking on without a pause for thought. So, without further ado, what top tips do we need to keep you in that selling mindset?

Drive and Hunger

I spend my days talking to and getting to know salespeople at all levels, from all sectors, and without question, the most successful are those who are extremely driven, never satisfied and always wanting to hit that higher target. And whilst everyone has off days, their energy is unfailing; that phone is always being picked up and quotes are always being emailed out. As clichéd as it sounds, their head is always in the game and their eyes are always on the prize. Yet, I hear you cry, how can I do this?! You need to be passionate about what you are selling; it needs to be a product or a service that you really believe in and you need to believe that you can do what is achieved.


A word that myself and Kim sing/shout/rap to each other on an almost daily basis. Success is as mental as it is physical. You need to do whatever it takes, whether it is giving yourself daily pep talks, a good old motivational quote (Kim) or flicking your hair in front of the desk fan pretending you are Beyoncé (me), you need to feel that you can smash today, the month and the quarter. Surrounding yourself with positivity is just as important too – no one likes, needs or wants a mood hoover! Boost your own spirits and those of your colleagues.


Know what you are selling inside out, upside down, back to front and through a nearly opaque wall! You need to know exactly what you can offer your prospect and how many of their problems you can solve. Educate yourself on your competitors, what is your edge over them? And use this to power your drive! You will soon realise that if your arsenal is fully equipped that the old adage of fail to prepare…….. will never apply to you.

Goals and Competition

Any good salesperson will be fanatical about targets and KPI’s. Why? Because they want to know how they are performing! They will always be wanting to be better than last week, month or year. Goal setting is intrinsic to having that selling mindset. In addition, they will want to be better than their colleagues – healthy competition! There is no better feeling than climbing up that leaderboard and then fighting to stay there. Keep that with you through every sale, every day; it does wonders!

Truth and Integrity

Whilst that fire in your belly is what will drive you every day, don’t ever it let cloud your judgement when it comes to being honest and genuine. You will never keep any client if you are promising something that you cannot deliver on or suggesting to them that your product or service can do something that actually, in the cold and harsh light of day, it can’t. The world is a small place and word will soon get round that you cannot and will not be trusted. Do what is right even when no one is looking, and don’t do absolutely anything just to make a sale, because as quickly as that dishonest sale comes together, it will fall apart equally as fast.

So, now go and harness your inner sales superstar and repeat after me:

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” – Willie Nelson

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