We all know that now is not the best time to be banging on doors and bombarding our prospect clients with sales pitches – but does this mean you should stop selling? Absolutely not.

People buy from people….a phrase used often in the sales sector and rightly so. The global pandemic has changed the world as we knew it, caused uncertainty and worry, but it isn’t the end of the world. We will recover and businesses will come out the other side of this stronger.

So, as a sales professional, you don’t need to stop – you need to change.

Some industries are in high demand at the moment, and if you are a salesperson in these sectors – you must be inundated and trying to manage your time as effectively as you can. Our suggestion to you – ensure that the things that make you as successful as you are don’t fall by the wayside as you are firefighting your way through the demand. Your clients buy from you because they trust you, they trust the relationship you have built with them and you are the reason that your company wins their business over the competition – don’t neglect those relationships, you will need them when this is over.

This ethos travels down to those within the sectors that aren’t moving at the moment – take this time to plan, prepare and build on your brand. Again, the relationships you have with your clients are key, and they will remember how you treated them during this time – stay in touch, don’t try and sell to them if you know it’s not appropriate right now and keep those levels of trust you have spent so long to build! New business is not a focus at the moment, but my goodness it will be once this is over – use these quieter times to build a prospect list, research, compose your plan of how you are going to nail your sales targets the moment you can. Stay active on LinkedIn and your networking sites – be visible now and you won’t be a stranger when you make that first call.

And finally, to those sales professionals that have fallen victim to the impact of COVID-19 and find themselves unemployed – it won’t be forever, and it is not a reflection on you and your ability. Positivity is key, use this time to relax (sales can be a burn-out, so you probably need a break!). Upskill – many training providers are currently offering free short courses, take advantage of these while you have the time. Update your CV ready for when things pick back up and you can get back to doing what you do best, we would of course recommend starting conversations with one or two specialist recruiters now – get in the forefront of their minds so when they have suitable roles coming back across their desks they immediately think of you!

Most importantly, stay strong, stay safe and stay home.