Many years in recruitment many excuses – below is a selection of the more memorable…….

Stray Dog!!!!

Candidate called me on their way to an interview to advise she was going to be late as she had found a stray dog on route and didn’t know what to do as she didn’t want to leave the dog.

I called the client and was completely honest about the situation, they thankfully saw the funny side to it and being animal lovers, themselves thought it quite admirable and was happy to wait or rearrange.

I called the candidate back and we rearranged to the following day as she was waiting for call backs in relation to the dog and had no one she could leave the dog with. She exceeded all expectations at interview and was offered on the spot! The stray dog was also reunited with its owner 😊

Heart Attack

I once had a candidate call and tell me he would not be able to attend his interview as he thought he was having a heart attack. I called a few hours later to see if he was feeling better for his wife to answer, yes, his appendix removal had gone well, and he would be back in touch when he was back to full health.

New Driver

We’ve all had instances where a candidate didn’t turn up for their interview. However, we had a lady who had been concerned about the drive to the clients as she hadn’t long passed her test. Ten minutes after the due interview time she had not arrived, so the client called to see if we knew what the problem was. Whilst trying to find out what had happened, we received another call from the client to tell us not to worry as she had turned up with the police. Apparently, she had had an accident on the roundabout outside the client premises and the police had walked her over as she wanted to apologise.


A candidate arrived in the client’s reception for an interview, a few minutes later she told the receptionist that she needed to pop to her car as she had a headache and needed to get some tablets. Neither we nor the client ever heard from her again with no explanation!

Change of Identity

A candidate was unable to attend an interview as she felt unwell. However, not wishing to miss out on the opportunity, her husband went in her place to show them that she was really keen and didn’t want to lose the opportunity. We apologised and rebooked the interview for a time that the original candidate could do.


A candidate rang us, slightly agitated, saying they were unable to make their interview time as they had been walking around for ages unable to find the clients premises and was going to be late. We called the client apologised for the slight delay then drove and met the candidate and walked them to the office.

But I’m not right

The candidate called to say that they had thought about the vacancy they had an interview for and didn’t think that they would be the right person fit for the business based on what they had seen on the website. We explained that we felt she would potentially be ruling herself out of a great role if she was unwilling to attend. Best to go and meet the client and if after that she still didn’t think it was for her then at least she could make an informed decision.

She went, loved it and got the job!