“A sales representative’s personality and attitude will shape the customers’ view of and feelings toward the product, company, and brand” – anon

Don’t we all love a good quote! And it is even better when it rings true. Personality plays a massive part of success in sales, and as the old adage goes, ‘people buy from people’. Whilst I would admit that personality develops as your sales skillset evolves and the confidence in your product/service knowledge improves, I am a firm believer that you have to that little bit of sales sparkle to begin with!

So, what are the best traits to pursue? What can give your prospects/clients that extra nudge to buy from you?

High emotional intelligence

Influence your buyer with this tool. Being able to understand their thought process or personality type should help you direct the outcome to a positive one! Understand the pain points of your prospect and help them solve them in a way that they are comfortable with, find empathy and apply it effectively.


Question, question, question! And not in a firing squad manner but show your clients/prospects that you care and want to learn about them and their needs. You need to be an active listener rather than just waiting to deliver your next line! Said questions can sometimes be a little on the frank side, but this is need -to-know information so you can address any potential issues/concerns prior to the sale.


Whilst most salespeople will have that air of confidence, no one likes a cocky *insert negative word here*! A high level of humility will get you far, and showing your sense of humour and knowledge with warmth and familiarity will plant you in your prospects mind as a trustworthy supplier. Bring your charisma by the bucketload!


This relates not only to your curiosity but to your ability to close a sale. Don’t be afraid of driving the conversation in the direction in which you would like it to head. Tread a fine line with this, do not become disrespectful or overly aggressive in your approach as that will close your door before you have even had chance to open it! Ask the questions you need to in order to ascertain the likelihood of your sale and ensure you are listening and responding effectively to the answer


The best of the best salespeople do not let the one hundredth no affect that one yes. Their disposition is naturally positive! Keeping their head up after rejection is what continues to drive them to another success, and it is this mentality that prevents any negativity from clouding a positive mindset.

This list is most definitely not exhaustive, but just a few handy hints and tips to keep you on form during somewhat turbulent times in sales. You can be the reason that your client spends with you rather than somewhere else or not at all!

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