So here I am, having just been promoted to Managing Consultant, my probation completed in 5 months, still marvelling at just how exactly I got here. Hint: it involves Jo Faria’s favourite “tenacity, consistency, persistence”, one incredible line manager and her even more incredible home-made cakes (Kim Barnes) and an awful lot of drive, banging my head against a brick wall and then celebrating when 500 knocked on closed doors became 1 opened one. Lets’ head back shall we….

I was working in what I know now to be the very cocooned environment of retail operations and talent acquisition, loving the actual recruitment piece of my role more than anything else. So, in I leapt to the sales division at TMR with, in hindsight, a fairly skewed view of what recruitment actually is. But how I could I say no? The picturesque location, an encouraging and welcoming team AND a role with endless possibilities?!

That first phone call, that first candidate and their C.V., I would like to say will stay with me forever, but I don’t remember any of them – I was so keen to prove myself and succeed that I remember the period up to Christmas as a frantic frenzy of pretending to convince myself and everyone around me that I actually could do this. And then, I started to slow down and magically it all came together.

The candidate care part of it I always understood but the ability to actually act as a consultant to a client, that suddenly clicked and then – *screams in joy at even the sheer memory of it* – my first placement! I could do it! I was part of the gang! The genuine nature of my colleagues’ celebration, the impressed client, the elated candidate, it all reminded me why I took this job in the first place – doing something I love (that I am actually quite good, even if I do say so myself) with people that I love working with every day.

As is the case with anything worthwhile, my job most definitely has its challenging days and they don’t lie when they say recruitment is a rollercoaster (!) but every day really is an opportunity to learn something new, to start a candidate on their way to finding that perfect new role, or start a client off with finding the missing piece to their puzzle.

But how did I know I would love it before I even started, I hear you ask? Well, actually, I didn’t! But I am nosey, a know it all, passionate, empathetic and competitive – all fairly crucial ingredients to being a recruiter I think! Jo, our operations director, speaks about TCP that I mention at the start of this blog, and boy, she is not wrong.

You have to dig deep some days to deliver, recover quickly from inevitable setbacks and keep going when, metaphorically speaking, of course. The wind and rain are blowing against you. And I had my fair share of those days, to begin with. But I have quite the umbrella, and that is my manager Kim. My biggest cheerleader and the most knowledgeable, supportive, intelligent and resourceful person I think I have ever met! She has the solution to every problem and has made me the recruiter that I am today.

Expanding from that, we have the most dynamic, diverse, and downright hilarious team you could ever wish to meet. Every day in our office is bubbling with enthusiasm and excitement for what we do, and that in itself is utterly infectious.  In all honesty, if you want to get into recruitment and you don’t want to work here at TMR with us then… *tumbleweed* you really are missing out! And if you were fortunate enough to become part of this unbelievable family, and have unlimited opportunities, then bring with you the toughest and most determined version of yourself, a wicked sense of humour and, may I add, anything edible usually goes down very well. Who knows where we will be in 18 months’ time, but I know, as a collective, we are onto big things! And who would want to miss out on that?!