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You don’t need a recruitment background to be one of us!

We operate from well-appointed offices that provide a relaxed atmosphere with views of open countryside and lots of fresh air. We have a vibrant, close culture and have found that we thrive by being together in our offices where all the magic happens! We do, however, offer flexi-time & continue to look into more flexible working patterns on an ongoing basis. Our philosophy is business and fun in a healthy mix with an ambitious team who like the good things hard work brings.

Andy Farr


When a work colleague many, many years ago who had just found themselves a new role via a recruitment consultancy suggested that they felt recruitment would suit me and my personality, I looked at them and thought you clearly don’t know me very well. The idea of selling someone, or anything, for that matter just wasn’t me, or so I thought. Anyway, bored in my job I registered with that consultancy and having survived the interview process which concluded with a final interview in the pub, drinking as much beer as was provided whilst still holding a coherent conversation, I was offered the job and my recruitment journey began.

Thirty seven years later I think my ex colleague really did know me after all. During this time I have built and sold two very successful recruitment businesses to major international recruitment brands, retired twice and am now on my third and final adventure. Why do I keep coming back? Well it’s all about the people and I have been very fortunate to surround myself with some brilliant individuals who share the drive, dedication and passion to succeed and we all go the extra mile together because to us it matters.

Outside of work, I can be found running the country lanes a few times a week and am still playing my beloved drum kit, reminiscing my teenage years spent playing the pubs and clubs in Birmingham 5/6 nights a week and wistfully wondering just where I would be now if I had accepted the job with Dexy’s Midnight Runners 6 months before they were at number 1 with Come On Eileen…….Nah I wouldn’t have missed the recruitment ride and the people for anything!

Kim barens

Jo Faria

Managing Director

I have spent many years in recruitment and have recruited pretty much everything and anything, and have also been actively involved in building several successful recruitment businesses.  Recruitment has changed dramatically over the years and has given me an incredibly interesting and varied career, working with amazing recruiters, some of whom are now also lifelong friends. We have built something really special at TMR Group – we have a family feel, we are relaxed but have a great purpose, and it’s working.  I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved so far with still so much more to do.

Outside of work I Paddle Board and also do Pilates sometimes both at the same time !! There’s usually a splash after attempting this 😉 – I have two kids who are now both adults so I am nanny to a Doberman and a Rottweiler, however my greatest love at the moment is my new granddaughter – it’s fair to say that both home and work are busy but, alongside all of this, I manage to take a short holiday  (pre and post covid) every quarter and have an annual jaunt to  the Formula 1 with my hubby, we are both huge Lewis fans……Something that recruitment teaches you is to spin many plates all at the same time and why not life is for living and making memories!

Kim barens

Kim Barnes

Marketing Recruiter

Recruitment is by far the biggest rollercoaster I have ever ridden, full of extreme highs and swooping lows but with the TMR Group team behind me every step of the way – I have career goals that have me even more excited than ever before, having grown with TMR Group from a green recruitment consultant, to heading up the Sales Division and now, our flagship Marketing Division, I am proud of how far I have come but know for a fact, I could never have done it without the support and encouragement of the most amazing team I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

For someone who wants it, this is the best role you could ever have and more importantly – within the best work family you could ever ask for.

Professional me aside, I am a cake decorating, mummy of two who loves nothing more than quality family time and creating edible masterpieces. I love to give back where I can and I have actually partnered with two children’s charities, providing poorly children with the birthday cakes of their dreams. I am known in the office for my “I can do that” catch phrase and maybe being a tad competitive in our end of week quizzes – I mean, you don’t play to lose right?

Kim barens

Kiefer Hanman

Marketing Recruiter

Coming into recruitment was a complete step into the unknown, however I have never worked in team or business that could compare to TMR Group. Before my first day the whole team had welcomed me through LinkedIn making the first day a lot easier. I came from a sales background and after my first 3 months within recruitment I would not want to be anywhere else.

The role itself presents challenges that I haven’t previously faced in any role prior, (get ready to hear the plate spinning analogy ALOT) However I have never felt once that I didn’t have the support of the people around me willing to offer advice and support when needed.

When away from the world of recruitment, I am an avid sports fan with a love of cricket and football, although as an Everton and Wales supporter I know true suffering. I am also a father to a 9 year old boy, spending time with him at his cricket matches or football training are amongst my favourite weekend activities.

Sophie Fleming

Sales Recruiter

Coming from a talent acquisition background, oh how very naïve I was to believe that had anything to do with recruitment. Sure, I could read a CV, but that is the very least of your worries. CV reading is quite the picnic in this world. Joking aside, you really do not need industry experience to do well here. All you need is drive, a naturally consultative approach and the ability to talk to people with ease and empathy. There is a passionate and driven team from whom you could learn a great deal, as well as offering your own, fresh perspective on matters – our senior leaders are always ‘all ears’. The toolbox is waiting for you, as is the opportunity to develop, what could very well be, a fantastic career path.

With a Sales history, I now have the enviable task of placing the best sales candidates within a myriad of interesting businesses. Now hold your breath for the clichés, I love an ice cold glass of champagne, shopping and a seafood dinner. I also HAVE to know everything I can about absolutely anything (comes in handy in recruitment), not only to win our weekly TMR Quiz, but also because I like to balance out all the socialising with a cosy night in with a good book

Zinia Bain

Finance & Accounting Recruiter

I love to talk and am a people person so a career in recruitment was the perfect match for me. I am nosy and enjoy finding out all about the person behind the CV, I strive to make the very best match possible for all involved. Over the last 18 years in recruitment, I have worked across different sectors however I always come back to Finance and Accounting. I appreciate the candidate’s investment to achieve the desired qualifications and see the value this adds to any business.

Outside of work I marry my love for food and show tunes by singing very loudly to Elaine Paige in the Kitchen whilst cooking a “big massive” Sunday lunch usually with a glass of red to help me along the way. My weekends are always very busy and with two small children we are often up and out for day trips and spend our weekends making the most of our national trust membership by exploring new places. When I do get time alone I like to relax by spending time in my Garden which during lockdown has had a complete makeover and is now a much more inviting, comfortable space where I can be found sitting with friends with a cheese board/platter and a glass or two of Red.

Emma Smith

Business Services Recruiter

I started my career doing Sales Administration in the Automotive and Logistics Sector and loved it, I went to visit a Recruitment Agency for some career advice I have now spent the last 17 years in recruitment!! Since then, I have recruited just about every operational role I can think of.  My aim has always been to treat all candidates with an exceptional level of service and to help in any way I can to secure them the right job with an employer that values them as a person. I have worked with amazing SMEs around the country, some of those businesses starting with a handful of employees and watching them grow to incredible businesses that make a huge impact in the business world, I feel a part of that growth by helping these clients attract the right talent.

I have been lucky enough to train some exceptional recruiters who are blossoming in their careers and continue to grow the team at TMR Group. I am a strong believer in what goes around comes around and you get out of life what you put into it. I have really found my home at TMR Group, this has been my best career move to date. These people will be my lifelong friends, I love the culture, we share the same values, morals and all love a good party!!

Outside of work, whilst my raving days may be over I am no wallflower and love to be challenged, I have jumped out of an aeroplane, done white water rafting, climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, abseiled off the BT Tower and long may the bucket list continue.  I have 2 gorgeous children, My fiery red-haired girl and my blue-eyed boy. My son has been diagnosed with ASD and the Directors at TMR Group have been amazing in understanding that I need a flexible work-life to attend his appointments, deal with change and not miss out on quality time with the kids. I love horror films and really good thrillers. Life is always pretty full on but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Rebecca Kelleher

Business Services Recruiter

Having never worked in recruitment before, there is a lot to learn and I was nervous about stepping into the unknown, however, the team at TMR Group instantly settled my nerves with their warm welcome. I quickly learned that my background in CRM Marketing and experience working in a fast-paced environment taking calls would be a massive asset to the role. Working in a 999 call centre has made me resilient, patient, empathetic but has also taught me to think outside the box. Every call was unique, as is every candidate within recruitment. Everybody has a story to tell and I hope my experience will transfer into securing the perfect role for candidates.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with family and spending money on clothes that I ‘need’. I have recently moved in with my partner, therefore most of my time is spent convincing him that we should get a puppy. Also looking forward to the TMR group nights out and as I drink anything from a pint to a glass of prosecco.

Bryce Tingle

CRM / IT Executive

Originally from Botswana, I moved to the UK for more opportunities at college. Studied software development and game development, and after my first  apprenticeship in software, I quickly decided that’s not the path I want to take. Fast forward 2 years of just doing an e-commerce role that financed what I needed at the time I decided it was time for a change, I updated all my professional profiles and CV and started my job search… not even 1 month into my search, on a sunny day in Greece, I received my first call from Jo – and she invited me for a chat once I was back.

I jumped at the opportunity and after the first interview, I quickly put the opportunity at the top of my list, “fast forward” 1 and a half years and I’m still here… with the extroverted personalities in the office I think everyone is still stunned that my more reserved personality fits… but it does and the atmosphere here is nothing but great! Anyway, that’s how I managed to get here.

Other than that brief professional overview, most of my time outside of work is either spent in the gym, rock climbing, gaming, or looking at car modifications (this is a far too expensive hobby to have… someone help)

Steve McGrath

IT Consultant

I began my career working as a Recruitment Consultant, but over the years have transformed into a Technical and IT Consultant. I advise and support recruitment organisations with any and all digital transformation projects, from getting a new website to re-platforming a CRM. I have an in-depth knowledge of Data Privacy and GDPR.

Outside of work I am a big F1 fan. My daughter wants to work in F1 and is currently studying for a Masters in Aerodynamics. My wife also runs an education website for young people that want to pursue a career in F1, so as you can imagine, we don’t talk about much else in our house other than motorsport.




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