As we all know, corona virus is having unprecedented effects to even those without symptoms, and the current state of the world is something that none of us have encountered before. The unknown is scary for anyone and everyone, so here are our top tips for keeping you in tip top mental shape!

1.      Do you avoid a big spring clean every year? Don’t worry – us too! Use this time to channel your inner Mrs Hinch or Marie Kondo. Clear your cupboards as well as your mind! Why not organise the messy drawer (everyone’s guilty secret) or have a good sort out of all the items that you thought were a bargain in the summer sale (pair of shoes too high and a size too small anyone?) A good thorough clean will do your home and your mind a world of good!

2.      Missing those weekly/monthly trips to the salon or spa? Self-care is a crucial part of mental wellbeing so set aside time each evening to light some candles and have your very own home haven. Now is precisely the time to use those expensive bath salts that you got for Christmas or that hair mask that that you have always been meaning to use but never quite got around to. Give yourself an at home manicure or facial and channel your inner zen! Or even some quiet time of reflection, there are great relaxation techniques on YouTube so try a few and see what works best for you!

3.      Whilst we all love nothing more than a cheeky lie in, keeping yourself in some sort of routine is really important to remain on track. If you are working from home then great, you will have regular times to check in with your clients or colleagues and your day can be structured around this. If not, then still maintain structure by getting up at a regular time every day, and even if you are staying in your pyjamas, make sure they are fresh ones after a nice hot shower! And don’t stay up until stupid o clock either refreshing the news or scrolling through social media. Go to bed at a fairly sensible time and put your phone or tablet away from the bed – those blue lights can interrupt your (recommended) solid 8 hours!

4.      Adapt your surroundings, make sure that if you are working from home, that the laptop/diary/flipchart/3D models go away at a sensible time each night and are hidden away completely for the weekend. Although it may not be possible, try and work in a different room to the one that you usually relax in. This will help your mind to switch off and differentiate between the surroundings and subconsciously relax.

5.      Do that thing that you keep meaning to do but keep putting off because of the other thing or that other thing! That means finally start your passion project! And no, a passion project is not world record holding for uninterrupted Netflix viewing. We mean something that keeps your mind active and engaged. Whether you are a crossword puzzler, quick language learner or an avid jigsaw lover, put that brain to good use for an hour or so a day. It might be a new skill, or dusting the cobwebs off a dormant one, aim to come out of this lockdown a better and brighter version of yourself.

6.      Keep connected. It might seem like an obvious one but don’t e-isolate yourself! Family, friends and colleagues all still want to see you and know that you are okay so pick up the phone for a quick chat, facetime your loved ones or make yourself known in that family group chat that you thought at the time was oh-so-annoying but is now oh-so-useful! Make sure you are checking in on those that are vulnerable too, have a longer chat with perhaps those that are more lonely than others for whatever reason. You will both feel better at the end of it! Company (from a distance, of course) is key!

7.      Health is wealth as they say, and your body is a temple! So as well scoffing those biscuits with the 10am cuppa, ensure you are getting sufficient nutrients from freshly prepared meals. As tempting as it is to eat a bag of crisps and a tub of ice cream for dinner for the 4th day running, you mind and body will thank you for nourishing it with fruit, vegetables and all the other goodies that we need to prosper on a day to day basis. And ensure you are exercising to suit your ability. Whether you Zumba to your favourite soundtrack as you hoover, star jump with the kids during your turn as P.E. teacher, or powerwalk with a four-legged friend, fresh air and exercise are most definitely vital to keeping yourself upbeat and positive.

8.      Relax! We really are all in this together so, and we know it is sometimes easier said than done, try not to worry too much. Keep safe, keep healthy, follow government guidelines and look forward to those brighter days that are hopefully not too far away now