I write this blog still marvelling at the knowledge I have acquired over the past 4 months, and yet, unlike my school days, I continue to devour every book, article and modicum of knowledge related to my apprenticeship.

Incorporating studying into my already busy ‘working mum life’ was never going to be without its’ challenges, but since embarking on my apprenticeship, the phrase “time management” has never been more apt!

Whilst I sometimes dread scheduling in my coursework, and the inevitable Wednesday late nights as they begin to loom over me, I always leave feeling satisfied and mentally challenged, one step closer to my much-wanted qualification.

And what is that qualification I hear you ask? My level 5 in Leadership and Management, led by the fantastically insightful Chris Elliott.

Once every 2-3 weeks, Chris visits me and Lorren Daly in our quintessential countryside offices and we have a good morning of collaborative and exploratory discussions and learning. I leave that room every time, not only having learned something about myself and my working style, but also how I can put newly discovered practices into guiding my team to success.

Their continual evolvement and their style of working and thinking is now an integral part of every day and something I am proud to be a part of. Having worked at management level for the past 6 years with no official training until now, I knew that my style of leadership was most certainly a self-styled one, but I feel assured knowing that I have been on the right track for all this time!

What was unprecedented, was the sheer significance of every decision I made when coaching my team and this has given me great insight as we continue to succeed and grow our teams here at TMR Group.

It is a real privilege to put my learnings and findings into practice; not only does this have great measurability on this rollercoaster ride that is sales recruitment, but it also complements every day is a different one.  And as I continue to work my way down this path of re-education, I am so looking forward to seeing my team’s self-assurance, success and satisfaction grow as a result of this.

As for the progress of my learning journey – I will keep you posted!

And for recruitment – let my team manage your next career move or recruitment needs as well as I manage them, haha!