I head up the Sales Services Division here at TMR Group – a role, 2 years ago, I had never even thought of!

After 10 years carving a career for myself in the publishing sector, I thought that was it. I thought that would be the industry I would stay in until retirement….how wrong was I! So why recruitment, and why now?

Well, that was all an accident! I never chose recruitment, it chose me! Some 18 months ago, I was living in the UAE. In July 2018, it was time for me to come back to the UK…..where did I start? The only thing I knew was that I needed to make sure I secured a new role as quickly as I could….with a family to support, making sure I had an income was important – and if this meant taking a role in a new sector then that was what I needed to do.

Scrolling job boards, looking for opportunities in the area I knew I would be moving back to and I came across a vacancy posted by TMR Group – a recruitment consultancy local to my new home. Putting on my big girl pants and being proactive, I gave them a call – explained my situation and my experience and ask for their help to find me a new role.

My flight was booked for the middle of August – within this time I have lost count of the number of phone calls and emails exchanged between us – the conversations developed and I was asked if I had ever considered a role in recruitment…..erm….no? TMR Group had a vacancy for a new consultant and they were considering me??

I must point out at this stage, I am infamous for my ‘I can do that’ catchphrase – as warped as my opinion may be, it is the one thing that allows me to challenge myself and push myself further because of course, ‘I can do that’!.

So, when faced with the opportunity to take the conversations further about joining the team, I didn’t hesitate, my head told me ‘I can do that!’

More conversations took place and I finally landed back in the UK in August 2018 – 3 days later I was in the office meeting the team, discussing the role and trying to convince the Directors that I really could do it!

4th September 2018 – my first day – this can’t be that difficult, can it? Someone out there is looking for a new job, and a business out there is looking for a new member of staff – set up the interview and job done…..WRONG! Quick note for anyone out there reading this that wants to work in recruitment because it’s easy money – you are very sadly mistaken! There is so much more to recruitment then you could ever imagine and until you are doing it, I don’t think anyone realises just what it involves!

So, I stumbled my way through the first few months, praying I was convincing everyone that I had this and they didn’t see that I was winging my way through it, things started to fall into place and I began to feel like a ‘real’ consultant!

Flash forward to the present…I CAN do this! I have now been promoted to manage the Sales Services Division and have my own team! With hard work, determination and the best work-family anyone could ever wish for, I LOVE my new career, and this really will be me until retirement! Oh yes, I am also studying a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management …..I can do that too 😊

Now you know how I ended up where I am today – it only feels fitting you know a little about who I am when I am not working….

I am a mummy to two, amazing babies …. well not really babies anymore, I just can’t bring myself to admit they are growing up! There is Oscar, my five-year-old Mummy’s boy, who loves anything Superhero related (!) and there is Peyton, my two-year-old, whom if I was to describe in only one word…SASSY! She is little miss independent who can do everything herself ….. and no, I have no idea where she gets it from…. 😊 So, when I am not at work or studying my time is full of love, play and silliness with these two monsters and my husband, who, *cue soppy moment*, is undoubtedly my rock and what holds us all together!

Aside from all of this, I LOVE to bake! Cakes are my thing and decorating them too – not that anyone in the office is complaining – sometimes I wonder if I am kept around just for the constant supply of cake! 😊 Another one of those moments in my life where I said, “I can do that!” and ran with it – from there my little side hustle was created and Ivory Rose Cake Company was born.

I don’t know where I find the time, strength or motivation at times but it comes from somewhere and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world – what can I say, I told you I can do that!