Interim Contractor = Zero Pension, NI, Bonus, Holiday, Benefits – the daily rate you pay is your only cost!

2020 has been a challenging year, to say the least in the world of recruitment, which came on the back of Brexit and the General Election at the end of the year – so it has been a time of turmoil and the “unknown” for many of us involved in this industry.

As we start to return to work with all the relevant safety measures in place we have projects that have been put on hold, maternity leaves, illness absence and many other reasons to have an incomplete workforce – so does your mind change to an Interim Solution?

Maybe this is the time to look beyond the conventional hiring model and think about hiring an interim professional as part of your planning and strategy.

It can be an opportunity for many organisations to rethink their strategy for 2020 and beyond and this is where interims can play a supportive and developmental role alongside your permanent employees.

There are many reasons for companies to explore a more flexible workforce and the benefits of hiring an Interim can offer:-

Flexibility and Cost 

An Interim Professional will cost you the negotiated day rate, no more no less – and can usually start at very short notice and, can leave when the client determines. There are none of the usual employment costs attached to a permanent hire (NI, holiday pay, pension etc). An Interim Contractor can flex and move around your business to aid permanent members of staff providing a cost effective “management consultancy” solution, taking some of the pressure off the permanent team. They usually offer a quick injection of experience and knowledge to boost your business


Interims can hit the ground running for you and avoid all the usual induction that can take weeks and months to get up to speed with. Provide a thorough brief to your interim and this will allow them to swiftly get to grips with their job/project adding value to your business.

Specialist Projects

A project is ideal for an Interim. You can choose the individual with the relevant skills set who can prove their credentials. You will be able to immediately access skills that do not exist currently in your business

A helicopter view of your business

Quite often we are all too involved working in the business and not on the business – an Interim Professional can “parachute in” and work alongside a director of the business to review strategy, processes, work flows and more often than not will provide some excellent solutions to problems that you didn’t even know existed.

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