We all know Recruitment can be a career that demands long hours, making and taking calls outside of hours to speak to those ‘Unicorn’ candidates and suddenly the hiring manager has a free diary in the morning to see your candidates when you have been chasing for a week….  But when you love your job and the satisfaction of finding the perfect match for both your candidate and client you do it without hesitation.

So fast forward 10 years into recruitment and I became a mum and had 2 babies within 15 months.  This is when things changed for me. I never lost my passion for recruitment, but things had changed for me personally, the older the children became, the more and more I was missing out on the little things. The school run, family dinner time and sometimes even the bedtime routine.  So how was I going to manage the demands of recruitment and fitting everything in… did I leave recruitment or work for a firm that truly believed I could work flexible hours and still deliver the same great results?

So, 9 months ago I joined TMR Group, we have a number of working mums and Dad’s in the business and flexible working is not a perk it’s part of the job. I’ve earned my stripes in recruitment and working flexible hours has actually given me another boost. It reminds me why I put so much energy into my job to give my children a secure childhood but also a job that I love that doesn’t have an impact on them day to day. I am not rushing to get out the door or to get home for dinner so I can see them for half an hour and feeling guilty like I did for many years. They know ‘mum’ will be there every day.

I still take the calls at night if I can’t speak to people in the day, it’s a given within the industry, but working flexible hours has also made me work smarter and more efficiently to ensure that those calls are limited.

TMR Group have amazing offices situated in the countryside!  This has also made an impact on my mental wellbeing, the beautiful surroundings, hearing the birds, horses and breeze blowing through the offices is a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of the city. I can go for a relaxed walk, actually take time out to call family, rather than feeling obliged to work through my lunch as the most senior member in the team.

I am so glad I have joined a recruitment agency that truly understands work-life balance, the fact that is so important supports me when I need to attend the children’s  ‘star of the week’ assembly and how important these moments are and I am not expected to rush back to make the hour up… We really are one big work family and I genuinely feel I want to go above and beyond for the business and do the best by them as they do me.


-Emma Smith

Flexi time in Recruitment, can it really work?

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