For those of you who have read some of my previous blog posts – you will already know of my love for baking and cake decorating.

Over the weekend, whilst getting my ‘bake on’, my mind wandered to work (as it often does….recruitment never sleeps after all!) and I started to find a number of similarities between the steps I take when baking and the process I follow in recruitment… was a lightbulb moment – my two passions suddenly became so aligned!

It got me thinking – making a hire is like making a cake…..

Cracking the eggs is posting the job advert. Quick, but can be done wrong with poor wording or too vague details. This is where the shell can get in the mix. It takes time to remove it. Or you can miss the bowl altogether and have to start again.

Then you sieve the ingredients and whisk aka sifting through CVs. This takes time. If rushed you ruin your ingredients, overlooking candidates, if overworked the mix becomes flat and tough, losing interest of the best candidates as the momentum disappears.

The oven cook is the interview process. Once again timings and regular checks are key, but you have to have the right temperature with everything already warmed up – aka the structure, environment, and effective process/communication.

Finally, decoration and presentation. The final stage. The offer process. Start dates. Pre-onboarding. It is easy to have the perfect cake only to drop it at the final moment – ever had the best candidate say no after being offered the job?

So, I ask you this…. would you make your own wedding cake? Of course, you wouldn’t – for something that important you would trust a cake professional!

So tell me again, why haven’t you used a recruiter yet?

#foodforthought – literally!

Why not give me a call today and discuss your recruitment needs – you really can have your cake, and eat it too!