Covid-19 Updates

Company and general updates regarding Covid-19

To all our followers, clients or candidates, in the upcoming days, we will be sourcing and posting relevant information and advice, as it is released, about the help that is available to all. Please check in daily and tag or share anyone who might benefit from this information. It is all available on the .gov website but our aim is to remove as much ambiguity as possible. We are just trying to keep everyone positive while offering constructive support where possible! Stay safe

Hubei to lift travel bans! Following the news in the province of Hubei restrictions on travel will be partially lifted for those with green tags starting the 8th of April! The glimmer of a light at the end of the tunnel We can get through this – staying together as a nation, be home, be safe! hashtag#covid19 hashtag#wfh hashtag#updates

HRMC is offering job retention scheme, whereby companies and employees can agree change of their employment status to “furloughed” rather than being made redundant – ensuring that when work is returned to normal their status will then be returned to normal too. Who it applies to: All UK businesses How to apply: Affected employees that have agreed to be classed as “furloughed” status and notified of this change, their information will then be submitted through the new HMRC portal What furloughed means: To qualify for this scheme, employees should not undertake work whilst furloughed. This will allow their employer to claim a grant of up to 80% of their wage for all employment costs (including employers NI), up to a cap of £2,500 per employee month hashtag

For those who are self-employed, you will have access to the same amount of SSP paid to employees of £94.25 / week. This will be achieved through Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) which is £73.10/week, or £57.90 if under 25, with the difference up to £94.25 being made up by the government extending the Universal Credit System. To apply the self-employed will need to complete a new ESA form NSESAF1 on the government website There has been a growing swell of discussion that the government is close to announcing the self-employed will have access a furlough scheme whereby they will receive a monthly payment of 80% of their net average earnings over the last 3 years capped at £2917/month during this period – this scheme is currently operating in Norway. We will keep updates on this as it develops


Since 5 pm last night the nation has responded – a little under 200,000 volunteers have offered their services to help support our NHS during this time! What amazing people make up this nation! – Our very own Nofa Zahreddine has joined the cause, helping deliver supplies to the NHS and calling people in need of support! A Big Thank You to every single one of you for your help and aid in this time! Please feel free to share this to all of those amazing people who truly deserve a round of applause !! For those who want to help and register follow the link!

We confidently expect an announcement later today that the govt will be applying the 80% of salary scheme currently being implemented for all employee’s that are furloughed to the self-employed for a 3 month period. We believe, they will be using the last 3 years filed accounts to establish the average earnings for that period and using that as the basis of the calculation for 80%. This is the Norway scheme. How will this affect you?


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