One of my favourite TV shows is the Apprentice, and one of my favourite things about it is, however they dress up every task (“Here we are at *insert totally random location*, and *totally unrelated to anything around*, this week I want you to *sell something extremely obscure and unlikely to ever happen in any of the candidates professional lives), every single task is literally all about closing a sale. So, if you ever find yourself in a far-flung part of the world attempting to sell a questionably overpriced excursion around an area that you know literally nothing about, read on! In all seriousness, closing really is the name of the sales game so let’s see what the types of closes are. (read all our other #talesofsales blogs to see how to get to said closing point!)

The Summary Close

Whilst this doesn’t work well if you have only had a short call or meeting, this can be extremely effective if your pitch has been of length. It can make your product or service seem much more appealing if all the information is put into one bite size package as your prospect can envisage exactly what they are getting.

Soft Close

This does what it says on the tin; demonstrate a benefit of your product and then ask a question, such as “would this be beneficial in resolving your issues with XYZ?”. Open their mind to the idea of buying, without making feel like the walls are closing in and they need to sharply make their way to the nearest exit.

Hard Close

I would only employ this tactic if I was fairly far along with the amount of contact that I have had with the client. Whilst it does underline the fact that you are selling to them, rather than consulting them on their needs, if you need a “yes, let’s sign” or a “no, I am not ready just yet”, at least you know where you stand and you can move on if needs be to prospects and pastures new!

Takeaway Close

If they aren’t interested in all your benefits, then eliminate them from your offering and hopefully lower your price. Do not use this if they are happy with the price though, use this method if you feel their sole objection is on costings and that otherwise they would be all in.

The Now or Never Close

If you can offer something that is really good to be true, for a limited time only, then sometimes it can make hands shake. Establish the value of your product or service, ensure they understand the levels of discount and then boom, create that sense of urgency.

And, just for the fun, “the recruiters close”

This involves having a loose conversation with a hiring manager, learning what fee percentage they usually look at paying, having a vague understanding of what they are looking to recruit for and being told if their direct applicants are of poor quality that they might, just might, look to agency. The recruiter then sends over suitable candidates and hopes to have interviews booked in within 48 hours.

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