Where do I start…

Well, a couple of months ago I started working as a marketing executive for the TMR group and boy has it been an experience so far!

Arriving into a recruitment business for me was a completely blank slate but I kept an open mind… I was thrown in the deep end of recruitment marketing, needless to say, I hit the ground running… and fast. For my initiation I was pointed in the direction of our CRM system and immediately started cleansing and improving the data – here started my very steep learning curve, I was also handed all the old marketing materials that had been collected by the Ops Director over the last few years – my baptism of fire had begun!!  Not to mention the regular weekly office challenges – who said let’s do cartwheels on a Wednesday lunchtime – and amazingly everyone has a go!!!!

So… not knowing a lot I spent a lot of time, in the beginning, researching marketing techniques (and still do) and trying to pull together some sort of content plan for December through January.  Whilst in the background my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship was starting to get some legs and my induction date was planned in for mid-Jan.  Starting out, everything has been good, ideas flying off the shelf like they were on sale, being Christmas and new year content is easily developed and ideas about “holidays” and “new year new me” are saturated and a very good starting point for pretty much anyone

Now starting February, and after having experienced the hustle and bustle of the marketing world at its peak I still have so much to learn – my first sessions on my Apprenticeship involved a total of 6 days out of the business in February  (how am I going to fit this all in) and my first exam only a few short weeks away!!!  Only just starting my apprentice training with Estio Training, I have learned so much in such a short space of time, but I have only scratched the surface. Starting with HTML and working towards my first exam, working on a portfolio as well as balancing work with it all, it’s definitely not taken lightly… but at the same pace as everyone in the office works – full on!!!

I am anticipating writing a blog series as part of my experiences and development into digital marketing, my challenges and learns and also some great stories added from the amazing #workfamily that I have been fortunate to join …… This blog series is my journey into marketing and what I learn along the way, if you want to follow this journey and maybe even help out along the way – stay tuned for (part 2)