Where to start… let’s start from the beginning before I came to the UK. I was born and raised in Botswana! That’s probably the most interesting fact about me… being foreign! In school, I was most interested in science and computing so much so I moved to start college and study software development here in the UK!

Only a week after moving I was at college and meeting new people, getting reliable public transport was a really strange concept coming from a country where public transport was haphazard at best! After trying to adapt from my old culture and integrate with the new culture and fitting in best I can I made my way through college without a hitch – I’ve always wanted to make video games as a career and wanted to go to university but alas I didn’t have the funding…

So, I started to look for work, I applied to be a waiter at a steak house and this being my very first interview I thought it went pretty well! I went for one training day and told them I was not coming back! It really wasn’t for me. I then applied for a database cleansing job which was a contract and I could do from home and was easy enough to jump in and out of when I needed the money. When that contract ended, I applied for a few software development apprenticeships and finally securing one I was really excited to start!

Working in my new job for 6 months, I realised that I wanted to have a more creative element to it – something where I got to use my computer skills but also develop a creative side. With that, I got a job through a friend doing website administration. I stayed with the business for 2 years and enjoyed my time but thought there has to be something more than I can really start to use my creativity and skills I had learned and taken them to the next stage…

I applied for a few jobs and went for a few more interviews, all were dead ends! I needed a holiday, I took a week for my birthday to Greece with my girlfriend, no work, no job applications, no worries! Just relaxed! On day 3 I received a missed call and a voicemail from Jo Faria our Operations Director, which was unexpected, asking me to call about a digital marketing role – I called back near immediately to find out more!

We talked on the phone for a few minutes and arranged an interview for the following week on my return from holiday. My first thoughts were “I haven’t applied for anything like that” but it was exactly what I was looking for! It transpired that Jo had searched my cv on a job board and thought I had all the right skills and experience for a role that TMRG were looking to add to the team! Bingo!

I met Jo and Kim Barnes the following week. We had a chat and discussed what the role would be and what experience I had, and the offer to take on a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship as well was the cherry on top of the cake! I was offered the opportunity to use my computing skills and learn a creative avenue all in one place! I couldn’t ask for more! I had an interview for another role before I met Jo but having met her and Kim, I decided to decline their offer immediately! … I knew I didn’t have the job yet and I wasn’t certain I would, but if I were a betting man!!!! It surely paid out 10-fold, after my second interview and meeting Andy Farr I was given my offer to start – I was ecstatic!!

Now I’m in my 6th month of working with TRMG and my feet haven’t touched the ground, I have been involved in photography(which is a passion), recreating the website, I also have been provided with an IT and Website Mentor in the form of Steve McGrath and I am also working on my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

This role is everything I could have asked for and more, the people I work with I wouldn’t change for anyone else, and the job certainly keeps me on my toes! Time has never flown so quickly, and I definitely now know what a healthy work atmosphere should feel like!

So, who am I you ask again? Well… just a guy from Botswana that was lucky enough to be where he is today!