The marketing industry has a great female presence and we have seen the industry grow from a low level of senior female roles to an industry that is now led by women.  

One year into our business, and we are proud to be one of the few recruitment companies to have a female figure as our joint leader (Jo Faria – Operations Director) along with a strong workforce predominantly made up of female consultants.  

We know however that this great diversity of men and women in senior and delivery  roles in the marketing industry wasn’t always so plain sailing, and that women have had to put up a big fight to be granted the position they now have.  Although the marketing industry may not be perfectly diverse, it is definitely leading the way, and we can be confident that the future will be bright for both women and men. 

We look at some of the most notable steps that women have had to take to get to where they are today: 

Discrimination at the top 

For decades advertising and marketing businesses had a serious gender bias towards men.  This was also replicated in the in-house roles.  It was a serious battle for women to fight for the executive positions and it was rare to ever see a women come near to a senior role at the time. Some women did manage to earn their place at the top, but faced serious discrimination compared to their male colleagues, having to cut off their emotions to avoid being seen as weak and present themselves a certain way to ensure no conflict arose.  

Nowadays, the female count for executive roles has increased dramatically compared to how it was, however there is still a dominance of men in the boardroom. Full diversity remains a way off but it is improving and we are confident that is will change in decades to come. 


Thought Leadership 

With the help of the internet dominating the scene, women took the opportunity of leading in marketing through other platforms such as social media, blogging, vlogging etc.  They absolutely thrived. Women became dominant marketing experts and major influencers in their field. These women have used their position to help other women in similar positions to also rise to the top, and it has become a very successful way to get more women to positions of influence.  

And with that, more women at the top making decisions for the company meant that women in the workforce started to receive equal pay to their male equivalents and had more opportunities open to them for promotion. 


Forbes have found that women now outnumber the men in media agencies and strategic planning positions. Alongside a more diverse and equal number of men and women in executive roles within marketing departments, we have seen an increase in equal pay and equal opportunities for women and we expect to see a very positive future with a completely equal workforce from top to bottom of the hierarchy.  


Girl Power – The rise of women in marketing

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