Most of us will remember the early days of chatbots, but they have improved a lot in recent years. Now, they use AI technology to formulate responses, and they can actually be incredibly useful in many situations. This means that if you’re involved in business, you could use this technology to your advantage. Chatbots could well have a key place in your marketing technique, and we have put together a list of ways in which they could be used.

Give your customers a personalised conversation
Because chatbots can gather information about people, there is a great chance to give your customers a completely personalised conversation based on the information gathered. They will know their name, location and purchase history, which can make it really easy to help when there is an inquiry relating to a product or service.

No need for multiple phone operators
Because a chatbot is a machine, they are able to talk to many people at the same time. This means that simple queries can be dealt with, with only the ones that can’t be solved by the bot being passed to a human phone operator. They are also able to keep a complete log of conversations, and this can be easier to read through than a phone conversation transcript if needed at a later day.

A wide audience
Because of social media, chatbots are able to reach a wider audience than ever before. This gives you a fantastic opportunity of speaking to potential new customers, and this can be targeted based on certain demographics that your campaign is more interested in than others.

Gain insightful feedback and user data
If you have a survey as a popup on your website, you may find that your response rate is relatively low. If, however, you use a chatbot to ask the questions, you might get a better response. This is because they can subtly include questions as a part of their transcript. Because they are then a natural part of conversation, the customer may be more willing to answer. This gives you a great chance of collecting a huge amount of data, which can then be analysed and used to your advantage at a later date.

Send notifications that customers will appreciate
Not everyone wants to receive emails and texts on a regular basis, and if this is your marketing strategy you may find that you are marked as spam by a lot of people. Chatbots, however, can use collected data to create personalised notifications to send on social media that will be not only relevant to the person they’re being sent to, but also appreciated. This is quite the opposite effect to many campaigns, so is certainly something to work towards.

You are able to add a fun element to the conversation
If your customers have contacted a customer service representative, then that is almost certainly because they have an issue – and this may not be a positive start to the interaction. With a chatbot, you can add small, fun features to the chat, which will improve usability and help to put a smile on your customers’ faces – which will then encourage them to view the whole experience in a more positive light.

Help to guide your customers towards making a purchase
Because chatbot interactions can be so subtle, it can be easier to encourage a purchase than with other types of conversation. You are able to make the most of the information that you have collected, and gather services or products that you think they might like, and then present them to your customer gently. This approach is much less in-your-face and is likely to have better results for your business.

Keep your image fresh on social media
Some companies might try to provide a real life person to answer questions on social media all day every day, but this isn’t the most realistic strategy. With a chatbot however it’s absolutely possible, and it means that not only are you available, but you can also keep things fresh – and that’s exactly what your customers will be looking for.


So, if you haven’t already considered the possibility of creating a chatbot for your business, now may be the time to do so. When you think about the benefits, and the lack of constant input required on your part, it makes absolute sense to consider it – meaning that you could look forward to a seamless customer service solution in the future.


Effective ways to use chatbots for sales and marketing

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